Jaclyn Macomber Beauty is Moving to Facebook!

Hi Beauties!

I have some bittersweet news for you today.  Starting 1/14/2018, will be shut down and all my beauty tips and product thoughts/reviews will be hosted on my Facebook page.  Be sure to follow me there!

Why am I putting my website to rest you ask? A couple reasons.  The first is that, being in the website business for my career I believe websites should be constantly updated with quality content. Blog posts can be time consuming – between the writing and the images, it can add up. And while it is something I enjoy doing, it isn’t something I have the bandwidth for right now. And with that in mind – websites also cost money to keep running, so it’s difficult to justify the expense if I don’t have the time to write new content as frequently as I’d like.

All of this being said, I absolutely LOVE sharing my beauty experiences with all of you lovely people, and I sincerely hope that we can reconnect on the Jaclyn Macomber Beauty Facebook page, which I do plan to keep updated.

If you have any questions/comments/cute pictures of kittens to share with me here before 1/14, I’d love to her from you.  Otherwise, thank you for following my website and I look forward to seeing you on Facebook.


Thanks for Reading,