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Product Catch-Up Part I: New Go-Tos

Hi Beauties! I know it’s been a minute since my last post, so I thought I’d do a couple “catch up” posts to bring you up to speed on a few products I’ve been testing.  These are products that aren’t necessarily new to the beauty community but I recently tried them for the first time.  Without further ado – here are a few new things I’m living for!

#1  Velvet Liquid Lipsticks by Kylie Cosmetics

These are right up there with my beloved Va-Va-Plump in terms of staying power and comfort.  I picked up my first shade at Ulta Beauty a couple weeks ago and immediately bought 3 more on Black Friday.  The formula is smooth, creamy and pigmented with a finish that is somewhere in between satin and matte.  They also are pretty affordable ($16 for a single lip color).

#2  J.One Jellypack

This is a skin care product that doubles as a primer, and I’ve used it every single day since I’ve bought it!  It contains niacinimide which is great for brightening the complexion, and the formula leaves the skin super tacky, which is great for grabbing and holding onto foundation. I’ve found my makeup about 4 hours longer before it starts to break down.  I use this all over my face as primer, and then apply a little bit of the Fenty primer to my t-zone to keep oils at bay.

#3 De-Slick Mattifying Powder by Urban Decay

A few hours after I apply my makeup, my skin’s natural oils start to come through my foundation – mostly in my t-zone and chin.  I purchased the De-Slick Mattifying Powder to carry with me in my purse or pocket for quick touch-ups on the go.  I wasn’t expecting anything special from this product as there are SO many mattifying options out there, but this really does keep my oil at bay without moving or smudging any makeup underneath.  The tip of my nose is always the first place to go when it comes to foundation, but a little bit of this mattifying powder kept everything looking freshly applied until I took it off.

#4  Sultry Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills

I LOVE ABH palettes. They always have the most beautiful color palette and the formulas are usually spot on.  The new Sultry Palette is no exception.  The colors are super pigmented and lean a little more towards the cool side.  I much prefer Sultry over the Norvina palette because the more neutral/cool shades are much more wearable on an everyday basis.

#5  FaceStudio Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter in shade Chrome 350 (NikkieTutorials Collab) by Maybelline

This highlighter surpasses many prestige brands, in my opinion.  It is dry enough so that it doesn’t move the foundation around when applied over top, and creamy enough so that it blends in and doesn’t stick in one harsh line.  The shade imparts a nice sunlit glow that is a touch lighter than say, the ABH Amrezy highlighter – plus it’s only $10.

#6  Hydro Boost Gel Cream by Neutrogena

I’m a big fan of the Moisture Surge moisturizers by Clinique but they’re pretty pricey.  This dupe is one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time – the formula is just as hydrating and velvety and makes my skin feel amazing and moisturized without being greasy.  At $20, you get 1.7 oz, in comparison to the Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator, which is $40 for 1.7 oz.

#7  Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil by Bumble and Bumble

I have a lot of hair, but the strands themselves are fine. It takes a pretty good amount of product to distribute through all of my hair, but my hair also gets weighed down and/or looks greasy easily.  I’ve always been interested in hair oils, but haven’t been able to find one that works for my hair type.  My locks are pretty healthy, but tend to get a little more dry towards the ends.  The Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil is my new go-to because it’s super light, you don’t need a lot of it, and it perfectly hydrates the ends of my hair without leaving the rest looking like a greaseball.


Well there you have it – my most-loved products of the moment.  Stay tuned for another product “catch-up” with new-to-me products that didn’t make the cut for me.


Thanks for reading,