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Juno & Co Product Review Part 2: Brow Pen

One thing I have never understood about doing my brows is how to get those “hair-like strokes” that everyone and their grandma seems to tell you to do. Maybe it’s because

Natural Brows – No Product

I have brows that are more slim and less bushy, but whenever I take my brush and try to draw a line at the front of my brows that mimics hair, it’s an epic fail.  What I draw is never thin enough and when it is, you can’t see it.  If you can see the line, it’s way too thick.  SO. FRUSTRATING.

I was recently drawn to the Juno & Co. website to purchase one of their super-hyped velvet beauty sponges and came across the “4-Tip Eyebrow Tattoo Tint” by Oxeye.  Before we get into it, it’s important to note that while the velvet beauty sponge is a product created by Juno & Co. and sold on their website, the 4-Tip Eyebrow Tattoo Tint is made by a company called Oxeye (aka NOT Juno & Co.) and sold on the Juno & Co. website. I’m listing it with the “Juno & Co. Product Review Part 2” title because it’s part of the order I received from the Juno & Co. website.

‘Kay, enough intro; let’s go:

Quick Facts

  • What it is: an eyebrow pen with a pronged tip to easily draw hair-like strokes throughout the brow that last and remain transfer-proof for 48 hours

    Photo courtesy of http://www.thejuno.co
  • How to use it: according to the website, you’re meant to use the pen at an angle to fill in color along the brow shape, using the wide area to fill in the brow and then the  narrow end to fill in the tail.
  • What makes it special: the tip of the brow pen has a 4-pronged tip so when you swipe it through your brows it actually creates a series of really thin lines that give the look of brow hairs
  • Cost: the 4-Tip Eyebrow Tattoo Tint is pretty cost effective, coming in at $6 for 12ml of product
  • Comes in 3 shades: Coffee, Seal Brown, and Dark Brown


The actual brow pen is cute.  It reminds me of your classic crayola marker – a mostly white tube with the product and manufacturer name written on it in an ink color that matched the pigment color purchased.  I bought the Dark Brown shade, which looked like the darkest option when compared to the Coffee shade.  Seal Brown may have worked too but it looked like it was more of a granite/gray color and I was afraid it would be too dark.


Using this brown pen is pretty easy.  I’m able to swipe it through my brows, but because my eyebrow hairs are black, I’ve found the Dark Brown doesn’t fill in the sparse areas of my brows enough.  That being said, if you’re someone who has been graced with more brow hairs, I think that this would probably work for you throughout your entire brow.

These days I do my brows a few different ways:

  1. Instagram Brow:  This is my usual go-to.  I fill in the outer 1/2 of my brow with my Kat Von D brow pomade, fill in the rest of the brow minus the very front with a brow pencil, and then use the 4-Tip Eyebrow Tattoo Tint to create hair-like strokes in the very front.
  2. Natural Brow: I fill in my entire brow with a brow pencil, minus a couple millimeters in the very front.  Then I use the eyebrow pen to fill in the very front.
  3. In-a-Rush Brow:  I fill in the outer 3/4 of my brow with brow pomade, brushing it through the first 1/4 to achieve a bit of a gradient, and then use the eyebrow pen to fill in the front.

Obviously, I only use the 4-Tip Eyebrow Tattoo Tint for the front part of my brow using the methods above – I find it gives a more full, feathery effect right where I need it, and the Dark Brown color is light enough to look natural but dark enough to blend in with the rest of my brow.  I also like how you don’t need to apply very much pressure to achieve nice lines.  I’d recommend a light hand for the most realistic outcome.  At the end of the day, this is pretty much a marker, so the more pressure is applied, the more the pigment will run into the skin and create a more blurred line.

Screenshot of pen swatches from the http://www.thejuno.co

The only real negative I have for this eyebrow pen is that it doesn’t come in many colors for non-brunette ladies.  I’d like to see maybe some taupe shades for blondes and warmer, auburn shades for brunettes.  Based on what the Juno & Co. website has available, I don’t think any of the options would work for fair-haired beauties, which is a real shame because typically those with super light hair are among the more eager to achieve a pronounced brow.


This brow pen claims that it has 48-hour wear, but for me it did not live up to that claim.  It lasts fine throughout an 8-hr day at work and over the rest of my makeup products, but if you go over it a few times with finger or get super sweaty, the color can fade, transfer, and smudge.  I still consider the pen a win because like with the rest of my makeup, if I am dramatically changing the way a part of my face looks, you best believe I’m going to try and leave it alone throughout the day.  I can touch a finger to my brow where I’ve used the pen without messing up my brow and the oils from my skin don’t seem to remove the pigment, so I think most people would still be OK using this pen.

Worth it?

The formula may not last for 48-hours, but it’s SO quick and easy and I could see an eyebrow novice really loving this product. Honestly, I’d prefer that my makeup products don’t last two days in case I mess up my application or just decide I don’t want that particular makeup look anymore.  So for $6, I’d say Oxeye’s 4-Tip Eyebrow Tattoo Tint is a worthwhile buy….for anyone with light brown to black hair.  Unfortunately, I don’t imagine that the available shades Coffee, Seal Brown and Dark Brown would work for blondes or redheads.



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