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Juno & Co Product Review Part 1: Velvet Beauty Sponge

I think I say this in nearly every post I write (sorry), but the Youtube Beauty community has been buzzing about this product! And when a little thing like a beauty sponge seems to disrupt the very core of all things holy in the cosmetic industry – you know I have to try it.  And so began my journey with the Microfiber Velvet Sponge by Juno & Co.

Quick Facts:

  • What it is:  a microfiber velvet beauty sponge by Juno & Co. for makeup application
  • How to use it: you use the velvet sponge exactly as you would a normal beauty sponge – to apply cream/liquid products, as well as powder products.  It can also be used
    either wet or dry.
  • What makes it special: typically beauty sponges (like the Beautyblender or Real Techniques sponges) are made out of a soft foam material.  The Juno & Co. sponge is made of velvet and intended to provide a “more natural, airbrushed foundation finish” while allowing the user to build coverage faster than with a conventional sponge.
  • Cost: another special attribute for this sponge is that it’s only $6! Compare that to the $20 Beautyblender and it’s one hell of a good deal.


My new velvet beauty sponge came in a cute little bag that had instructions inside.  I liked the “no frills” approach to the packaging, but at the same time felt that it was much more appealing than the plain plastic cube that the Beautyblender comes in.  At first I was concerned that my order could have been crushed in the mail (the sponge came in a padded mailing envelope vs a box), but then again….it’s a squishy sponge already so I guess it didn’t really matter?!


Right off the bat I could feel that the microfiber velvet sponge was a lot more firm than other beauty sponges I’ve used, so I was a little worried that it wouldn’t absorb enough water when I wet it before applying my foundation.  But to my surprise, the sponge absorbed water and expanded quicker than its competitors, and wrung out more easily. Once it had the excess water squeezed out, the sponge was still on the firm side, but the velvet kept everything nice and light and fluffy to the touch.

From what I’d seen on Youtube, the velvet material on the sponge supposedly allowed the user to get a much fuller coverage from their product while using less product.  I was kind of skeptical, so I decided to test using my fav light-to-medium coverage foundation, the Studio Skin 15 Hour Hydrating Foundation by Smashbox.  I love how the formula hydrates my skin while still giving a fairly matte appearance, but I wish it had fuller coverage.

Anyway – I applied the usual 3 pumps of foundation to the back of my hand, and then spread a thin layer over my face using a brush (this is my usual routine) before blending everything out with the velvet sponge.  With other sponges, I repeat this brush-then-blend process twice and use up all three pumps of product.  Well, all I have to say about the velvet sponge is WOW.  The thin layer of foundation I applied to my face blended out seamlessly and resulted in a more full coverage than I have ever gotten with Studio Skin, even with multiple layers.  I was left with about 1.5 pumps of unused product on my hand and a medium-to-full coverage with an airbrushed finish on my face. That’s when I decided – this is my new favorite thing.

Aside from a little learning curve with the amount of product you need to use with this sponge, the only other thing I can see someone disliking is that the sponge is so firm.  When you’re blending out product and patting it into your skin, the sponge has less of of a squishy give to it than say, a Beautyblender.  It takes a little getting used to, but it’s nothing that causes discomfort or effects your ability to blend product.


I really enjoyed that I could get a higher coverage from less product, but I will say that I probably could have benefited from applying even less foundation to start and then building it up from there.  While I was able to get the foundation to blend out pretty flawlessly, it took a couple extra seconds because there was almost too much product and I didn’t want it to look cakey.  Although the sponge absorbed water easily, it didn’t absorb the foundation into it nearly at all, so I ended up with more product staying on my face compared to a regular sponge that soaks it all up.

I also applied concealer and powder with the microfiber velvet sponge, with the same results.  I use a full coverage concealer to begin with so I don’t need a lot, but in combination with the sponge I needed hardly any at all to brighten/smooth under my eye and conceal blemishes.

All of this being said, if you’re someone who prefers a lighter coverage than I, you could totally still use this sponge.  You’d just need even less product than you usually use to achieve more sheer results.

Worth it?

The Juno & Co. Microfiber Velvet Sponge allows me to achieve a more full coverage look with about 1/4 to 1/2 as much product, and only costs $6.  What’s not to love?  I’d recommend this sponge to anyone to help save money by using less product, and to amp up the coverage of their favorite foundation. I am telling you – give this little sponge a whirl, it’ll change your glam game!

Special Notes:

After I ordered my microfiber velvet sponge, I visited the Juno & Co. Facebook page and was slightly horrified to read all of the negative reviews that users had posted about shipping.  Nearly all of them stated that their product never shipped, or took an extremely long time to do so. Juno & Co.’s response was that they are a small company dealing with a high volume of orders, which makes sense but even so the possibility of a long processing time was disappointing.  But at that point, I’d already ordered so the damage was done.  All of this being said, I placed my order on Thursday September 20th and received it on Monday September 24th.  Not bad!  Even if I wasn’t expecting the worst already, the shipping time was fast and I received all the correct items (I’ll be reviewing my other Juno & Co. purchase in a separate post).


Thanks for reading,