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This Multitasking Highlighter is $9 and Looks Like it Costs $42

I have to admit that since entering the glam game, I have shied away from most brands with products priced far below their prestige counterparts.  From my experience,  products that cost less usually mean lesser quality.  Personally, I’d rather spend more on something that is of higher quality and therefore may last me longer than spending less now but having to repurchase something else soon afterward.  Lately I’ve really been wanting to try a liquid highlighter, but haven’t wanted to spend the $42 on the super-hyped Cover FX Enhancer Drops.  I was highlighter-hunting at Ulta Beauty with my friend Kearston the other day, and I came across the liquid highlighter by Makeup Revolution.  It is super affordably priced and honestly, I was kind of turned off by that, but still intrigued by the shades and how it looked in the bottle.   Kearston convinced me to purchase it by making the point that even though the product was less expensive, I’d be using it in combination with higher end products, so their quality may “balance out” the quality that the highlighter was potentially lacking.  Well Kearston, this may be some of the best glam advice I’ve ever received because I freaking LOVE this stuff.

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter Quick Facts:

  • Retails for $9 at Ulta Beauty
  • Available in 9 shades
  • Can be used both on the face and the body


The Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter comes in a glass bottle with a dropper.  The majority of the packaging is black, and the cap to the dropper is rose gold.  And you knoooow that rose gold is all the rage right now. 

A couple things that I appreciated about the bottle is that there is a color swatch on the front, so it’s easy to see which shade you’ve gotten (I got the shade “Starlight,” a cool pink shimmer), and the swatch is actually true to the highlighter – I hate when you see a swatch and it’s far off from the actual product color!  The other thing I liked is that the bottom of the bottle is clear so you can see the liquid highlighter itself.  This is important for me with any kind of highlighter, so I can see if it looks chunky and glittery or fine and shimmery.  This product is definitely on the “fine and shimmery” side, which I prefer.








I’ve used this highlighter in a few different ways:

  1. Mixed with Foundation:  If I’m wearing a super matte foundation, I mix a small drop of this highlighter in with it and gives a nice little glow.   The dropper makes it easy to dispense a small amount of product (trust me, a small amount is all you need!)
  2. Mixed with Primer: If I’m looking for a subtle glow with a hydrating or natural finish foundation, I mix a small drop of highlighter in with my primer and use that to prime my face.  It gives a “lit from within” look without being overkill when combined with my hydrating/natural finish foundation.
  3. As a Highlighter on the Face: To use this as a regular highlighter on my cheekbones, center of my forehead, Cupid’s Bow and top/bottom of the tail of my brow, I dispense a drop onto my hand and then pick up a small amount on the pad of my finger.  I then blot my finger on my hand to make sure the product is evenly distributed.  Then, I gently apply the highlighter using tapping motions.  If I need to, I will go in with another layer once the initial layer has dried, but this stuff is pigmented so I usually don’t have to.  Be sure to be EXTRA gentle if you choose to use any liquid highlighter this way.  If you create too much friction or apply too much pressure, the liquid highlighter will move whatever foundation/concealer/powder that’s underneath and leave you looking patchy.
  4. As a Highlighter on the Collarbones/Shoulder: This is my new thing and I love it for summer.  Using either a fluffy brush or my fingertips, I’ll dust the tops of my collarbones and the front of my shoulders with highlighter.  It makes it look like the sun is always shining on you and gives the prettiest glow.

The trick to any highlighter is to blend, blend, blend.  Super pigmented highlighters can look uneven or like a blunt streak of color on the skin and unless that’s what you’re going for – you really want to work it into the skin to get blurred edges and a highlight that looks melted into the skin instead of thrown on top.



This one is pretty simple – stays where you put it until you take it off, like any good highlighter should.  Once the product has fully dried down, there isn’t any transfer unless you apply pressure to the area and drag something over it – even then it’s minimal, and because it’s a shimmer and not a glitter, transfer won’t leave you looking like you spilled loose glitter on your face.  Sidenote – remember the 90s trend of putting chunky glitter gel on your face?!  I know that was like the “highlight for kids” back then but um, yikes.  My mom used to put it allll over my cheeks on special occasions and I loved it way too much, haha!

Worth It

I need to get better at making it less obvious whether or not I think something is worth it before this section.  Obviously yes, I freaking love this stuff, want it in ever color, and will continue using it.  For $9 it is a great quality and looks gorgeous on the skin.  I hate when people say this but, “I seriously can’t even” with this highlighter, it is that good! Will this revelation steer me towards less expensive glam options in the future?  Maybe, just maybe.


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