My Glam Routine!!

Hello my loves!  I get a lot of questions about what I use to glam my face, aside from the eye glam and lips.  Youuu know – foundation, concealer, etc.  I thought it would be fun to share it with you, in the hopes that you might find something to add to your own routine, or find the solution to a makeup problem that you haven’t been able to solve. Here goes!


The first step of my actual makeup application is primer (which comes after I cleanse/tone/moisturize). Applying a makeup primer can help prolong the life of your makeup and makes for a smoother application.  It can also help give your skin what it needs throughout the day, whether it’s hydration, color correction, oil control, etc.

Fav Primers:


Once I’m primed, I apply my foundation using a beauty sponge.  Up until a couple months ago I used a brush for fuller coverage, but I like the sponge better because it gives a more airbrushed finish.  A brush application can make things get cakey fast!

In the winter I go more towards hydrating formulas and in the summer matte, but I often find that hydrating formulas leave me a littttle too oily and matte formulas leave me a littttle too dry.  So lately I have been obsessed with mixing foundations.  If I’m using primarily a matte foundation on a hot day, I mix in a drop or too of a hydrating foundation and it helps to balance everything out – same thing with using mostly hydrating foundation and adding a bit of a matte.

Fav  Foundation Combos:

I’m not suggesting you buy 2 new foundations – I started mixing because it lets me use foundation I already had but was not able to use singularly.


After foundation I use concealer under my eyes, around my nostrils, in the center of my forehead, and my chin. Sometimes I spot-treat blemishes with concealer, but usually my foundation covers those.

Fav Concealers:

Setting Spray

Foundation and concealer are the only cream/liquid products I use.  Once all creams/liquids are on, I spritz my face with some setting spray to help lock everything down.

Fav Setting Sprays:

Setting Powder 

Once the setting spray has dried, I use my damp beauty sponge to press a loose setting powder under my eyes, the center of my forehead, my chin, and my nose.  This sets the foundation and concealer in the areas where they are most likely to move throughout the day and totally blurs pores and skin texture.  Seriously – this is where the magic happens and you can get that “airbrushed” effect.  Pressing the powder into the foundation/concealer vs swiping with a brush really helps prolong the life of your makeup and smooths the skin – it also is great for brightening the under-eye area.

Fav Transluscent Powder:

Setting Spray (again)

To keep the setting powder from looking super powdery, I spritz my face AGAIN with setting spray.  This will help melt the powder into the skin and stop your makeup from looking cakey or heavy.


Once the setting spray dries, I go in with my powder products, the first being powder contour. I contour underneath my cheekbones, my jaw, the sides of my forehead, and sometimes my nose.

My Go-To Contour Palette:


I apply a highlighting powder to the tops of my cheekbones, above and below the tail of my brows, my nose, and the Cupid’s bow of my lips.  If you want your highlight to BOOM, stand out, you can spray a brush with setting spray before putting highlighter on it.  Don’t spray too liberally because if the highlighter is too wet there’s a chance it’ll remove the foundation/concealer underneath with the friction of the brush against your skin.

Fav highlighters:


We’re getting to the end of this whole thing, I promise.  After highlighter, I apply blush to the apples of my cheeks.  I like to apply blush after my highlight because it helps blend the edges of the highlight into my skin so it’s not a super blunt streak of color.

Fav Blushes:


Lately I’ve been using a brow pencil to create a softer, fluffier looking brow, but most of the time I use a brow pomade to create a more defined, “Instagram-ready” brow.

Fav Brow Products:

OOOOOONE More Round of Setting Spray

This is the last of the setting spray, I promise.  I use setting spray as the last step to my makeup routine.  So if I am doing eye glam, I’ll wait and use it after my eyes are done, but if I’m not doing eye glam, the setting spray comes after the brows.  I’m sure 3 applications of setting spray seems excessive but I’m TELLING YOU, it works – especially if you find your makeup gets oily throughout the day.  Try it – don’t be afraid to l-o-v-e it!

And that’s it for face glam – minus eyes and lips.  I’m sure you are thinking “holy shit that is a lot of stuff.”  I know, it kind of is. But once you complete the routine a few times, it really doesn’t take too long.  The way I see it, if you’re gonna spend the money on a bunch of cosmetics, you might as well have them look good. Trust me – what I do in my routine is still way more simplistic than some routines out there, it’s all about what works best for my individual needs.

Now, I didn’t just go out and buy all of these products at the same time, nor do I wear them every day.  I’m nowhere near “rich” – in fact, I am more budget than not.  I’ve accumulated everything over time (maybe even a year or so?) and I started with less expensive, travel-sized versions of things first so I could figure out what I liked without committing to a full-sized purchase.  You definitely don’t have to implement all of my glam steps into your routine but it’s nice to know what someone else does so you have something to go from – that is what I did in the beginning, and what I continue to do to this day!



Thanks for reading,