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Karity: Saving Our Wallets (and Animals!) with Affordable Cosmetics

Karity.  Say it, sing it, scream it – whatever it takes to remember the name because trust me, you want to.  Karity is a company taking the cosmetics world by storm right now, with big names like Buzzfeed, Allure, and Forbes riding the Karity wave.  So why should you care about Karity?


photo credit: http://www.karity.com

I’ll start with one of the more obvious ones – the cost of Karity cosmetics is a fraction of what other brands like Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Stila are selling their products for, and are said to be just as good.  How is it possible to get a similar quality product for less money?  Check out this handy graph on the right, from the Karity website:

In a nutshell, Karity takes the middlemen out of the sales process, selling directly to the consumer without frilly endorsements and retail markups. Still not sure?  How about this:

Karity = $6 liquid lipstick, $25 eyeshadow palettes and $5 makeup brushes that rival their more expensive counterparts. 

Yep – I bet you’re with me now.








Karity offers a wide arrange of eye, lip, face and brush products.  I’ve purchased an eye palette, multiple liquid lipsticks and a few brushes – all of which have been a really great quality. I’ve been especially pleased with the brushes compared to other low-cost companies like Morphe.  Here’s a breakdown of what I like about what I’ve bought:

“Just Peachy” Eye Shadow Palette

  • Was $25 when I purchased it (the website has it for $21.50 at the current time)
  • Minimal fallout
  • Pigmented
  • Can be used wet or dry

“Liplock” Liquid Lipstick

  • $6 – come on, what is better than $6?!
  • Impressive staying power when applied as directed
  • Wide range of colors available
  • Velvety-matte finish


  • $4-$14 
  • Super soft bristles
  • Bristles came intact (compared to my Morphe brushes, that arrived with bristles sticking out every which way)
  • A decent array of brush types for a beginner-intermediate user

Free shipping for orders over $35

One thing I really like about Karity is that they make their free shipping incentive within reasonable reach of the consumer.  There is nothing I hate more than when a company offers free shipping with a purchase requirement of some astronomical amount. It’s like, “Great, I’ll save $3.95 on standard shipping if I spend $70 and donate a kidney.”  Yeaaaaah no.  With Karity’s prices, it’s easy/reasonable to hit their $35 price requirement, especially if you are purchasing an eye shadow palette.

Cruelty free

According to their website, Karity is a 100% cruelty-free brand.  They’ve teamed up with SPCA® shelters and actually  donate a meal to an animal in need every time someone buys something from them.  How cool is that?


As someone who frequently asks her husband to run to the mall and pick up cosmetics for her, I love Karity’s story.  The founder of Karity, Isaac Rami, was sent to the beauty counter to pick up an eye pencil for his wife and was blown away at the cost. This experience gave Rami the idea for Karity, a budget-friendly, animal-friendly makeup line.  It makes my heart happy to know that a) Rami was willing to do anything for his wife – including take a trip to the beauty supply store – much like my husband and b) he took his “sticker shock” from his experience and turned it into something positive that makes a difference in the world. Ugh, just so much LOVE.

No, Karity is not sponsoring this post, nor do they have any idea at all that I’m writing it.  I’m sharing what I think about this company with you because it’s something that I personally use, believe in, and will continue to support. I love brands like Urban Decay and Anastasia Beverly Hills and dole out big $$ for them way more often than I should (and will most likely continue to do so), but I am really intrigued to see if/how Karity’s business model works for them and how it changes the beauty industry.  If you haven’t already, checkout the Karity website and make a purchase, then tell me what you think on my Facebook page – I can’t wait to see what you get!



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