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Super Brow by Kat Von D – Better than ABH Dipbrow?

We all know and love that creamy, buttery brow pomade that is Dipbrow by Anastasia Beverly Hills.  I’ve been using it for years and have always thought it to be the best of its kind.  Well, Dipbrow may need to move over and make way for Kat Von D’s latest miracle, Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade,  a 24-hr brow pigment that made its debut in stores a couple weeks ago.

Super Brow came at the perfect time because my well-loved Dipbrow pot was becoming somewhat of a Frankenstein. A month or so ago I had added a couple drops of facial oil to it since it was drying out (the most common issue with Dipbrow), and then a couple days ago I mixed in a little bit of the shade Granite with my normal shade Dark Brown. I’d also been noticing that the product was applying to my natural brows a little less pigmented and a little more patchy.  I’m guessing that’s because the facial oil diluted the pomade too much, but with 3/4 of a pot left, I didn’t want to throw it in the trash just because it was a little too dry.

Okay, back to the real star of the show here, Kat’s Super Brow.


If you’ve heard of Kat Von D before, you’ve probably noticed that she has a bit of an edge to her – a 90s goth-but-still-super-classiness that I will personally always love (shout out to my former self!)  All of the packaging for Kat Von D Cosmetics is the perfect representation of her personal style, and Super Brow is no different.  The box that it comes in is matte black with shiny black fleur-de-lis-type designs.  Her classic gothic font really stands out against the black.  Just love – so much love.

The actual pot of pomade is also gorgeous.  The part that holds the product is made out of glass, just like ABH Dipbrow, but the lid is textured with more fleur-de-lis-y type designs and Kat’s initials.   The ONLY iffy thing I’ll say about the lid is that the weight of the plastic feels a little light, which most people translate into “cheap.”  Dipbrow has a leg-up on Kat in this department, as Anastasia’s lid is a bit more solid feeling.


Man, if you thought that Dipbrow went on super-pigmented, rich, and easy-breezy, just WAIT until you try Super Brow. I purchased the shade Dark Brown and applied it with my 7b brush by Anastasia Beverly Hills, and was surprised at the color payoff that the teeniest bit of product produced. My brows are really thin and sparse near the arch area so I style them with more of the “painted on” tail, and the Super Brow provided even coverage that I didn’t need to build up hardly at all. I also experimented with a few hair-like “microblade” style strokes and saw good results, so for those of you who are looking for a more natural brow, Super Brow will still work for you!

Super Brow does dry faster than other brow products I’ve tried, so you have to work a little quicker to blend it in with your natural brows.

Tip: Definitely swatch Super Brow in a store before you purchase.  The shades apply quite a bit darker than they look in the pot! The shade Dark Brown looked more like a medium brown, but when I swatched it was really dark.


Super Brow dries down to a gorgeous matte finish that isn’t too matte but mimicked my natural brow hair.  Once it dries – that shit isn’t going anywhere. Your brows will stay locked in place even through oil, rain, tears, mud, you name it! The trick is actually removing it because it’s so long-lasting (I use an oil-free makeup remover first before I wash my face).

Additionally, if you touch your brows through out the day, they won’t feel waxy or heavy like there’s product on them, they feel pretty natural.

Worth It?

One of my favorite things about Kat Von D Cosmetics Super Brow Long Wear Pomade is that at $19, it is $1 cheaper than ABH Dipbrow, and contains more product (0.18 oz compared to Dipbrow’s 0.14 oz).   I totally feel like I’m getting a good bang for my buck, but the real test will be to see if the Super Brow dries out in the same way that the Dipbrow does over the next couple months.

Another thing that will make Super Brow worth it for some is that it comes in a more eclectic shade range than Dipbrow.  Of the 16 shades,  7 are more on the natural side,  1 is a white shade meant to mix-in with the other shades to lighten them, and the remaining 8 shades include fantasy colors like Electric Blue, Aubergine, Emerald Green and Vibrant Yellow.


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