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New Fav Lash Glue, Hu-Dis? Huda Beauty!

If you’ve read some of my earlier blog posts, you probably know that

a) House of Lashes lash glue has been my one and only go-to since I started wearing false lashes

b) I’ve been wishing that the House of Lashes glue came off my lash band in more of a single strip vs clumps.

I recently read about Huda Beauty’s Lash Glue on her website and saw that the product description said “the glue also peels off when dried, making it very easy to correct any mistake or to remove the excess of glue from the lash band when taking out your lashes.”  Peels off? Sounds pretty good to me! And off to the store I went.


Huda’s lash glue comes in a cute little squeeze tube that’s easy to throw into your purse if you’re on-the-go. The squeeze tube concept is new to me (my coveted House of Lashes adhesive comes in a bottle and applies with a brush) so that was a little intimidating to me, but the contrasting black/pink colors are way more modern than the HOL branding, which I like.


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Here’s where things get a little tricky. To apply the glue to my lash band, I squeeze the tube GENTLY so that I can see a drop of glue appear at the end.  Then I carefully run that drop of glue along the lash band.  If I get too much glue in one particular area, I’ll release the pressure from the tube so that there’s no glue coming out of it, and then use the end of the tube to distribute the glue over the rest of the band. If I don’t have enough glue, I just apply a tad more pressure to the tube until I can see glue start to come out of it, and continue application. This takes a steady hand, but with practice you end up with a tidy line of glue on your lash band.

Once the glue is on my lash band, I only need to wait about 15-20 seconds for it to become tacky enough to apply the lash to my lash line.  Let’s be clear here – in the world of eyelash adhesive, a 15-20 second wait time is NOTHING. My House of Lashes glue took 45-60 seconds to become application-ready.

The only con of Huda Beauty Lash Glue is that it only comes in one color, and that is “dark tone” aka black. This means that if you touch your tacky lash band to somewhere on your eyelid other than your lashline, you’ll get black glue on it.  This isn’t great if you’re wearing eyeshadow, because you can potentially mess it up while removing the unwanted glue.  Lucky for me, I have to apply a pretty thick line of eyeliner on my monolids, so I usually get black glue on my black eyeliner, which isn’t so bad.  If there was a clear version of Huda’s lash glue available though, I’d definitely make the switch!


This stuff will hold your lashes on until you’re ready to take them off. I’ve been out in the rain, in the wind, and in the hot sun, and my lashes haven’t budged.  One of the biggest problems for false lash wearers is that the lashes can lift in the inner or outer corners throughout the day, but I haven’t experienced that with Huda Beauty Lash Glue.  This is a victory for me in particular because my eyelids are super heavy and don’t usually have a crease, so I need a heavy duty adhesive that can withstand the weight of my lids without pushing the falsies off them.


For me, this is where the magic happens.  When I remove my lashes at the end of the day, I hold one lash close to the band between my thumb and forefinger, and then use tweezers in my other hand to gently pull the glue off. Guys – it’s so easy with this lash glue! It will literally peel off of my lash band in one or two long strings, and it ALL comes off.  My House of Lashes glue would come off in little clumps because of the brush application, and because the layer of glue was so thin and spread out it was really hard to get everything off to the point you could see the lash band underneath. Maybe I’m just weird in that “I-like-to-pop-zits” kind of way, but I actually find it enjoyable to pull the Huda Beauty Lash Glue off my lashes. Go figure, right?!

Here are some pics of what my lashes look like before removal and after:

Not bad, right?!

Worth it?

I purchased my Huda Beauty Lash Glue from Sephora for $13. On the surface, $13 seems pretty pricey for 0.25 oz of product. That being said, you need so little of this product at a time that I’m certain my tube will last several months with every day use. So with that in mind, as well as my new obsession with peeling glue off my lashes, I’d say that this buy is worth while for sure.



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