Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick Review

Huda Beauty is pretty popular right now, so when I heard that some of Huda’s products were being sold at Sephora, I was excited.

I’ve been using Buxom Cosmetics Va-Va-Plump Shiny Liquid Lipstick for quite some time, but I’ve been on the prowl for a matte liquid lipstick that doesn’t make my lips look like shriveled prunes.  Huda’s Liquid Matte Lipstick has gotten some pretty rave reviews.  The web has touted the product to be super comfortable to wear, minimally drying, and with great color payoff.

I’ve really been wanting a dark brown and a burgundy lipstick for a while.  So I thought I was pretty clever when I discovered Huda’s Lip Contour Set at Sephora.  For $25 you get 2 mini liquid matte lipsticks and a lipliner, vs $20 for a single liquid matte. Plus, one of the sets happened to contain a dark brown and a burgundy. Too good to be true?   Sadly for me, yep.


The packaging for the Lip Contour set is sleek and modern – a black box with a picture of a makeup model on the front.  There were also easy to follow lip contour instructions on the back, which I didn’t use because I wasn’t interested in learning to contour as much as I was just wanting the liquid mattes individually.

Here’s the front of the box, and the back.

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Whenever I apply liquid lipsticks, I start by putting a small amount of something hydrating on my lips, like a balm or Mac’s Prep + Prime Lip. When I say a small amount, I mean a small amount.  I’ll dab the product on with my finger, let it soak in for a couple minutes, then blot off any excess.  The first time I applied Huda Beauty Matte Liquid Lipstick, I used the dark brown shade, Vixen. When I used the applicator to swipe it on, the color went on patchy.  It was gorgeous on my outer lip, but towards my inner lip the pigment went pretty sheer.  I switched to a lip brush to try and get a more even application, and was able to get my outer lip to be a lighter color that helped mask the patchiness on my inner lip, but that was about it. I honestly didn’t think much of it at the time because I was just goofing around, so I waited for the first coat to dry and then went in with my lip brush again on the patchy areas. This time I got a more consistent color, but my lips felt dry.  I inadvertently rubbed them together, and the color moved around a lot on my lips and resulted in new patchiness (my b!).

Okay – first impression, not great. But like I said, I was doing a quick “I am too impatient to not try this” test so I figured I’d done something wrong, wiped off the lipstick, and went about my business.

Flash forward to this morning.  I had decided maybe I had left too much Prep + Prime Lip on my lips in my initial test so this time I used barely any, and only right around the outer rim of my lips.  The Prep + Prime Lip is amazing at stopping liquid lipstick from feathering and is supposed to hydrate your lips in preparation for matte lip color, so I figured I could get most of its benefits applying it around the edges of my lips only.  I still blotted it – maybe even too much – and my lips felt dry even before color application.

This time, the color went on a lot more consistently, and it was easy to get the luxe, rich brown color you see in the bottle.


I keep my lips pretty well hydrated throughout the day and exfoliate regularly, so even though they are a tad on the wrinkly side, they don’t look chapped when they’re bare.  Nevertheless, right after the liquid matte dried down, my lips were a highway between Wrinkletown and the Desert. SO DRY. SO WRINKLY. Luckily, shade Vixen was dark and that helped to mask some of the wrinkliness but there was no way I was going to survive a whole day with such dry lips. So to help, I added a thin layer of Buxom’s Full On Lip Polish in Kir Royale to the inner half of my top and bottom lip.  I tried to stay away from the outer edge, as not to encourage feathering.  After I did that, everything was just fab. The color looked amazing, my lips didn’t feel like dust, and my husband said it looked great.

Here we are about 30 minutes after initial application, at 8:45 am:

For the next 3 hours, I didn’t eat or drink anything, and I didn’t rub my lips together (since they felt great from my pal Buxom Cosmetics). However, when I looked in the mirror, the product on the inner corners of my lips was bleeding – BAD. Seriously – there is nothing worse than when a red lipstick bleeds, it makes you look like you have a clown mouth. And I hate clowns 😦

I tried to clean up the edges of the lipstick a little with a napkin but, no-go. I told myself to forget it though, and kept working. About 30 minutes later I ate some sushi – perfect lipstick food because you can just put the whole piece of sushi in your mouth – looked into the mirror and was pretty darn horrified.  The lipstick had bled SO MUCH MORE and my mouth looked super messy, sad-clowny, and just plain ugly. This is my bad guys, but I was so annoyed I just went and wiped the offending lipstick right off my lips without taking a picture first.  I wiped the product off from the outside-in, trying to avoid getting even more product outside of my lipline.

I did take photos after though, and you can still see how far the lipstick bled outside of my mouth:

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Yeeep, not attractive.

Worth it?

Sadly, this Lip Contour Kit by Huda Beauty is going back to Sephora for a refund.  I’m totally open to the fact that maybe the liquid matte works better if you a) don’t put anything on your lips first, b) have non-wrinkly Kylie Jenner lips,  c) don’t put gloss over it.  But in order for a lip product to work for me, I need it to play nice with other products, like primer and lip gloss. I have worn quite a few different lip colors, and none – not even my budget-friendly NYX Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cream or Morphe liquid lipsticks have bled that badly.

For now, I’m sticking with my Va-Va-Plump.  Sorry, Huda, I still love your other products!


Thanks for reading,