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“Take 2” Review: Follow-Up to Be Rad Cosmetics Eyelash Adhesive Remover

If you’re reading this post, you’ve probably already read my original review of Be Rad Cosmetics Eyelash Adhesive Remover.  In short – the first time I used it, I didn’t get the results I was hoping for.  But even after my experience, I was still interested – there was a video on the Be Rad Cosmetics website that showed the product in action, and I thought “That looks amazing, I have to have done something to make this not work. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!”

Get the Facts

I decided to reach out to Be Rad Cosmetics via Facebook, and was pleasantly surprised to get a quick reply from the company’s Founder, Andrea Farah. I explained to her my eyelash adhesive remover results, and expressed some concern I had that perhaps her product wasn’t meant for latex-free removers like mine, which I love.  Andrea was FANTASTIC. She explained to me that the adhesive remover was made to work with both latex and latex-free lash glues, but that I may not have seen the same results as in the instruction video because:

1) The glue I use is brush-on vs a squeeze tube.   A brush application gives a thinner layer of product that is a more spread-out line (think butter on toast) across the lash band.  A squeeze-tube application (like the Duo brand), can dispense a more precise, thin line of product, and the line itself can contain a more concentrated amount of product (think hot glue gun).

Basically – that means that it takes longer for a brush-on glue to accumulate a thick enough layer of glue to come off easily when the eyelash adhesive remover is applied.  This actually clarified a lot for me because when I first started trying to clean my lashes every time I took them off, I couldn’t see any glue on the band, so I wasn’t sure what to look for.  These days, I clean my lashes every week or so – or when I can start to see glue build-up on the band.

2) I set my lashes on a paper towel while I let the “Wash” spray soak in. Andrea suggested that I set the lashes on the plastic case they come in, to allow for maximum product absorption.  Putting the lashes on a paper towel makes the paper towel absorb all the lash-cleaning goodness from the Wash.

Take 2

Andrea also recommended to me two brands of glue that she had seen the most success with – Duo and Huda Beauty lash glues – AND offered to send me a free bottle of Duo.  How sweet is she?

I was intrigued by the advice Andrea gave me, and seriously impressed by her customer service.  She even send me another message about a week later to see if I’d had any better luck. So I definitely owed it to her to try again.  And you know what? I’m glad I did.

This time, I tried two different glues, with two pairs of lashes:

1)  I waited until I had worn the first set of lashes a few times before I tried to clean them. With this set, I used my House of Lashes glue. Here’s a look at what the lashes looked like before and after:


So fresh and so clean! Seriously – what a difference. When I pulled off the glue, it didn’t come off in  one”thread” – more like a couple clumps, but I’ll take it; my lashes went from zero to hero in 3 minutes.

2) I used a recommended lash glue.  In all honesty – I really don’t like Duo lash glue, but I had it on hand, and it also just happened to be one of Andrea’s suggestions. I used it with a different pair of falsies for just a day, because that’s all I could stand it for. When I used the Wash on them, I did get better results in terms of the glue coming off in a “thread-like” way vs in clumps – but in the end, it’s glue – so I ended up rolling it up into a clump anyway.  Here are the before and after pics:

 Thanks, Andrea!

Now that I’ve experimented a little more with Be Rad Cosmetics Eyelash Adhesive Remover, I will definitely continue to use it.  These days, the world moves so fast and there are so many new products to choose from, it’s easy to use something once and dismiss it, when in reality, the reason you didn’t like it is because you didn’t give it a chance.  That is what I would have done with this product if it hasn’t been for Andrea’s friendly advice. She took the time to talk to me like a friend and I felt like she was really curious about my experience, vs a sales person worried about her reputation or quota.  Customer service like that is seriously hard to find in the beauty industry, and I wish her the best of luck on the Be Rad Cosmetics journey.

Worth It?

Definitely updating my answer to “yes.” In my previous post, I discussed that the price was a little high compared to the amount of product I had to use to clean my falsies, but using the updated methods above, I found I had to use MUCH less product, which makes it well worth the $25 in my opinion.



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