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Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette Review

Let’s jump in shall we?

First thing’s first.  When I originally heard about the Soft Glam palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills, I didn’t want it.  The palette shared a few color names of what I already had in my Modern Renaissance palette, which was a big turn off for me. Yes, I’m willing to spend $42 on a new palette, but not if I already have 4 out of 14 of the colors. So with that in mind I unfortunately went about my business without giving Soft Glam a second thought.

Now, a few weeks ago when I picked up my Amrezy Highlighter, Soft Glam was on display right next to Amrezy, meaning I got to see Soft Glam in person for the first time. It sounds lame, but I did a double take. The colors were GORGEOUS, and I noticed that the dupe colors were actually different shades than in Modern Renaissance.

Pretty much after that day – I wanted Soft Glam, and I wanted it bad. That is why I am SO excited that my awesome husband bought it for me for our anniversary that’s coming up on 4/9. SCORE! I played around with it last night and this morning, and wanted to share with you what I thought.


To me, it’s no secret – Anastasia Beverly Hills kills it in the visual aesthetic department, and Soft Glam is no exception. In keeping with the other palettes they’ve produced (Prism, Modern  Renaissance, Subculture), Soft Glam comes neatly packaged and the eyeshadows live in a luxe, velvety box. It’s the kind of thing you know will inevitably get dirty but you don’t want to touch it anyway. Yes, it’s that magical.

As customary, ABH provides a mirror on the inside of the palette, and a double-ended brush that has a fluffy and a dense/flat side.


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Shade Descriptions:

  • Tempera: Ultra-matte velvety beige
  • Glistening: Iridescent gold with a hint of pink reflect
  • Orange Soda: Ultra-matte pastel peach
  • Rose Pink: Rose gold with a soft pink iridescent hue
  • Sultry: A hybrid satin metallic finish warm chocolate brown
  • Bronze: Metallic gold bronze
  • Mulberry: Ultra-matte mulberry
  • Dusty Rose: Ultra-matte dusty lilac
  • Fairy: Multi-imensional light gold
  • Burnt Orange: Ultra-matte deep orange 
  • Sienna: Ultra-matte earthy brown
  • Rustic: Ultra-matte deep cinnamon brown
  • Cyprus Umber: Ultra-matte dark coffee 
  • Noir: Ultra-matte deep carbon black


I was especially curious about how Soft Glam shadows would apply because it seems like each time ABH comes out with a new palette, the formulas are very different from one another. For example, the Modern Renaissance Palette is known for it’s smooth, easily blendable formula, vs Subculture, which many say is really freaking difficult to work with.

Let me tell ya – if I thought Modern Renaissance was amazing, then Soft Glam is the definition of perfect. Here’s why:

  1. The colors are super pigmented, so a little bit goes a long way.
  2. The formula is the smoothest I’ve come across. The eyeshadows glide over your lids like butter. Honestly, I never really understood the whole “smooth like butter” concept when it comes to cosmetics until this palette.
  3. Everything blends together well.  Usually it takes me the most time to blend transition colors into my socket/crease area – with Soft Glam it took about half the time.  Another area I struggle with is going from a light shadow to a dark shadow without using what feels like 50,000 shades in between. I went from Rose Pink, a light shimmery shade, to Sultry, a dark coppery glitter shade, with no problems.
  4. The dual-ended brush is actually useful. The fluffy end is great for transition shades in the socket/crease, and the flat end works perfectly for picking up the shimmer and glitter shades.

The only downside I discovered is that the glitter shades had some fallout – but it was minimal compared to other glitters I’ve used, including ABH’s Prism palette. Thankfully, fallout was wiped away easily with a makeup removing cloth, and it didn’t leave any unwanted sparkles anywhere they shouldn’t have been.


One thing I find with some shadows – especially shimmery ones – is that they get cakey once they’ve settled onto my lids. Usually it’s not noticeable unless you’re looking but let’s be honest – I’m always looking! And if I know that I’ve packed on color a bit heavily, I almost think I feel it.  Maybe it’s subconscious (probably), but I didn’t get that feeling or any caking with the Soft Glam palette. I also made sure to do my initial testing without using any white eyeshadow base (I throw this on sometimes to make my colors stand out more and so I can use less product), and everything went on smoothly and showed up brilliantly.  I’ve currently had my Soft Glam look on for a couple hours, and I don’t see any clumping or random fallout on my cheeks.

Here’s the look I created with Soft Glam today.  For details on what shades I used, check out the Glam Snapshot!


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Worth it?

I’m sure it’s obvious but YES, I totally think Soft Glam is worth it. I’ve heard this palette be referred to as Modern Renaissance’s little sister, and I’d say that it is possibly Modern Renaissance’s better little sister! Even though the shades are a little softer, the pigmentation packs a punch to make up for it. ABH was smart in choosing their palette – offering a black shadow in this palette (Noir), along with a few richer shades (e.g. Mulberry) so you can go from light and wedding-like to a more daring night look easily.  I seriously cannot wait to create more romantic looks!


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