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New Product Alert: Amrezy Highlighter by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Alright, for the past couple of months, Anastasia Beverly Hills has been hounding me with ads promoting one of their new products, the Amrezy highlighter. From “something great coming soon” to “it’s here and it’s just as great as we mentioned the last 1,000 times,” Amrezy has been burned into my brain.

What is it? It’s a highlighting/strobing powder in a super indulgent gold color. The GIF-180311_190922product itself has a wavy contour to it, and the color payoff promised to be amazing. All of this being said – because of all the ads I saw, I think I was kind of turned off to the idea of purchasing this product. I have a lot of gold highlighters, so I wasn’t sure why this particular one was a) worth $28 and b) going to blow my mind.  I decided that nope, I wasn’t going to buy it.

Welp – this past Saturday I had to go to – you guessed it – Ulta Beauty.  In my defense I was returning something in exchange for another product, and the plan was to exchange only, so that I didn’t spend any more money. Of COURSE Amrezy was on display in the middle of the store.  Of COURSE the mirror compact case was open so I could see the highlighting powder in all of it’s wavy glory. I veered off my determined path to check it out and of COURSE it swatched like butter from heaven.  I had previously told my husband not to let me get anything new at Ulta that day. and of COURSE he wanted me to spoil myself and get it anyway.


So yes, I purchased the damn thing. And I LOVE it. I am almost disappointed that I love it so much, given the fact that I was on my high horse about not falling for ABH’s over-the-top marketing. But, much like all the other products I’ve purchased from them, it’s super high-quality and totally worth $28.


Image Source: http://www.anastasiabeverlyhills.com

I mean, come on – the packaging is gorgeous. Amrezy’s compact mirror case is smooth, sleek, shiny, and fits perfectly in my hand. The inside of the compact is gold, which further accentuates the actual highlighting powder.

If I could sum up the packaging here in one word, it would definitely be: Lux.

Anastasia Beverly Hills is known for it’s dark, classy packaging  but there is something about opening a black case and seeing the contrast between it and a killer gold highlighter that is just extra divine.


I mentioned this earlier, but this stuff is like butter from heaven.  It’s a super smooth, fine powder that isn’t gritty at all.  It also contain chunky sparkles that make you look like a 7th grader in the early 2000s. Amrezy gives a soft, golden sheen that is easily buildable, which is great because I tend to go for a more subtle highlight.

The only thing I’ll say is that the wavy contour of the product doesn’t really lend itself in any special way.  it is cool to look at, but that’s about it.


20180312_095234I really like how blendable Amrezy is – some highlighters get pretty “stuck” on the skin after application, which can give the appearance of a harsh line.  No bueno – especially when we’re dealing with cheekbone highlights. I blended Amrezy in, and gave my whole face a spray with setting spray and voila, that baby ain’t goin’ nowhere.

Along with my cheekbones, I also applied Amrezy to my browbone, the tip of my nose, the top of my upper20180312_084132 lip, and my forehead – all the places that the sun would touch if I were outside on a warm summer day.

Worth it?

It’s probably obvious but yes, Amrezy is definitely worth splurging $28. Not only is the formula high-quality and the color beautiful, but there’s also a lot of product, so it should last for a long time (especially if you don’t wear it every day).

I’m not sure if ‘ll be able to go back to using my other gold highlighters, as they seem to pale in comparison to Amrezy. *Sigh* the struggle is real! #questforgold, am I right?!



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