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Quick & Easy Way to Make Your Foundation Last All Day

Hi Lovelies,

I mentioned this in my Q&A post recently, but since this website is just finding it’s sea legs, I am refraining from in-depth tutorials for a little bit (yes I know, sad – read the Q&A though!).  That being said, I’ve been thinking of a few super simple tutorials I could post in the meantime.

Today I’ll share with you a trick that I use to make my liquid/cream foundation stay in place all day.

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer….

My secret for getting foundation that lasts all day is:

After dispensing liquid/cream foundation, give it 1-2 sprays of a makeup setting spray, and then apply as usual.

Okay – done, we can all go home now. Seriously – that was it. In the morning when I’m 20180302_180730.jpgready to apply my foundation (I love love LOVE Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15 by Tarte) I dispense the product onto the back of my hand (usually it’s the size of a dime or less), and then give it 2 sprays of my makeup setting spray (Urban Decay’s De-Slick Oil Control spray) and then apply the foundation/the rest of my makeup as usual.

The only thing I’ve come across using this method is that once the spray comes into contact with the foundation, the foundation can get a little more difficult to blend onto your face if you wait too long to apply it. This makes sense, because a setting spray is supposed to lock your makeup in place and make it budge-proof, so naturally it would  have that effect on your dime-sized amount of foundation.

Okay – just because I’m sure it’s inevitable that someone will mention this – Yes, I KNOW that Urban Decay is promoting this technique right now.  But did they invent the concept of using a setting spray with foundation? No way.  Was I using this method before I saw that they were talking about it? Most definitely. It’s a coincidence that the same brand of setting spray I use is the one promoting my trick, buuuut that’s because in my opinion, their setting spray is the best. I’ve also used this method with other setting sprays, like the one by Ulta Beauty, but I always come back to Urban Decay.

Anyway, there you have it – a super quick, easy way to prolong the life of your foundation.


Thanks for reading,