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An Eyelash Glue that Actually Works?!

Dearly beloved – we have gathered here today to witness a miracle. That’s right, after purchase after purchase, ruined eyelash after eyelash, I have finally found a false lash adhesive that keeps my falsies on!

Introducing my new partner in crime, eyelash adhesive by House of Lashes.

Look at it, Untitled-1poke your computer screen, tilt your head to see it from another angle – whatever it takes to commit this little baby to memory because if you struggle applying false eyelashes, this may be your new holy grail.

I’ll cut to the chase and put the links to where you can buy this product right here at the top of this post, in case you are in such a hurry to be able to apply falsies (I feel you) that you don’t care to read the rest of this post.

You can buy this adhesive:

Both places sell the adhesive for about $9.

I’m not sure what makes this lash adhesive so magical (maybe because it’s latex-free?), but I was positive I’d never be able to wear strip lashes ever in my life before I discovered this.  Kudos to the rep at Sephora who recommended it.

Why Falsies are a Challenge

I’m Asian, and my eyelids don’t have a crease. In fact, the skin on my eyelids – especially at the inner corners – droops over my lash line. This does two horrible things:

  1. It pushes my eyelashes straight down (and I mean STRAIGHT down and in some cases, directly into my eyeball)
  2. The extra skin folded over my lashline makes my eyes appear even smaller than they already are, and because I can’t even catch a break by getting 2 symmetrically droopying eyelids – it makes my eyes look uneven. UGH.


Due to those reasons, it’s easy for my eyelid to literally push a strip lash off of my lashline.  All that extra weight from my droopy skin (ew), says “nope, not today” to the beautiful strip lash I’ve purchased, and pops it right out and onto somewhere like my under my eye, on my cheek, or the floor.

Why I Love Falsies

Strip lashes with a thick band (my favs right now are Goddess lashes from Tarte) help to push some of that droopy skin from my eyelid up and out of my eyeline.  This helps my eyes to look more even, and helps give my eyelids the appearance of a crease.

Also – who doesn’t love voluminous, fluffy lashes?

As a side note – if you have monolids like me, look for lashes that are shorter in the inner corner and longer in the outer corner.  A longer lash length will be your friend, to make up for the little bit that gets lost with the weight of your lids.

House of Lashes Eyelid Adhesive


This lash glue comes in a conveniently-sized bottle that contains a wand applicator.  This GIF-180228_181628is an important distinction from other popular brands, e.g. Duo, because the wand makes it way easier to apply the right amount of glue along the lash band.


Aside from the wand, the consistency of House of Lashes glue also lends itself to a great application.  I’d say it’s pretty close to Elmer’s Glue – it’s not super runny but not too thick either.  It’s easy to get a uniform, clean line of glue along the lashband.

One of the greatest advantages this glue has over competitors is that it smells likeHEAVEN. It’s minty – nothing like other adhesive I’ve used that smell positively horrible and sometimes….fishy?


With other lash adhesives, I can’t even get the lashes to stick to my lashline for 30 seconds, let alone a whole day.  But with this glue, I put on my lashes in the morning (usually around 7:30am), and they are still firmly in place from inner corner to outer corner when I go to take them off (usually around 5:00pm).  In my book, that’s a huge win!  The glue is comfortable and makes wearing my falsies a breeze.

It’s also worth noting that this glue is latex-free.  Apparently a lot of people out there are allergic to latex and can have a hard time finding lash adhesive.  Well, the solution is here – and it smells minty fresh.

Worth it?

This one is kind of a given based on the rest of this post, but I’ll never buy another lash glue other than this one if I can help it.  At $9 a tube, I guess it’s a little pricey compared to other brands like Duo, but I would (and will!) gladly pay this over and over. I’ve used my current tube about 10 times, and you can hardly tell I’ve used any by looking at the bottle – it’s still full.



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