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Buxom Cosmetics Powerplump Lip Balm: Worth the Hype?

20180228_132033Hey guys! So, you probably saw that this review is about a plumping lip product and thought “Oh, this is old news.” I KNOW, I KNOW.  I am SUPER late to the lip plumping game.  In fact, I’m kind of late to the lip game in general. For pretty much all of my life I’ve had trouble seeing the point in anything but sheer lip gloss or chapstick, because well…it’s just going to come off in 2 seconds anyway, right?

Well, besides learning that there are ways to make lip color stay on longer than just a few sips of coffee, I have also noticed that my lips are naturally kind of wrinkly.  Whether that’s from being dehydrated (I drink at least 100oz of water a day, so I kind of doubt it), or from not being diligent enough with sun protection (yep, probably that one) – my lips have little vertical lines on them that make them look a little shriveled.  Combine that with the fact that I have a smaller mouth and suddenly using a lip plumping aid doesn’t seem too out-of-this-world cray after all.

What is a Lip Plumper?

The lip plumper I’m referring to is a lip color, gloss, balm, serum that claims to temporarily boost the size of your lips, making them look fuller.

They are basically a cheap alternative to lip filling injections (ouch, and also, $$$$). The thing to remember about the effects of lip plumpers however is that they are pretty short-lived. The effects seem to vary from person to person, with some people saying their plump lasts anywhere from 5 minutes to 24 hours.

There are also handheld devices that can temporarily plump your pout but I don’t really have an interest in those (think of the scene in the movie “Monster’s Inc” when one of the villians gets his lips sucked to death by the Scream Extractor thing – yikes!).

How much do they cost?

I purchased Buxom’s Powerplump Lip Balm at Sephora for $17.  On average, I’d say prices for similar products fall between $6 – $40.

Why I chose Buxom PowerPlump Lip Balm

Firstly, it’s a tinted lip balm, vs a gloss or a lipstick.  I’ve been wearing a lot of lip color lately, and wanted to give my lips a low maintenance, barely-there flush that I could reapply throughout the day without a mirror. Plus, it is effing cold where I live and the air has been dry, dry, dry lately, which is not good for chapped lips!

The second selling point for me is that the color adjusts to the PH level of whoever wears it, so the same shade could look totally different from person to person.  I purchased the shade “The Big O” because I saw that it was a light, translucent baby pink that I thought would probably turn out a bit more on the natural rosy side on my lips.

There are a lot of lip plumping products out there, and it was tough to know where to start.  But in the end, Buxom seems to have a pretty good reputation for it’s lip plumpers, so I figured that was as good starting point. I’m aiming to try GlamGlow’s Plumprageous Gloss next, though.

Buxom PowerPlump Lip Balm

20180228_152454.jpgI had to go to Sephora to buy my Powerplump, because Ulta was out of The Big O shade. SO disappointing because I find Ulta to be a much more pleasant shopping experience than Sephora.

Anyway – let’s get to it with my PAW method for evaluating a product: Packaging, Application, Wear.


The product comes in a cute tube, that’s a little larger than your standard Chapstick.  Some people found this to be annoying because it was cumbersome to stick in a purse or in a pocket, but I personally like the size.  I was also happy to see that you can twist the bottom of the balm to get more product at the top. This is kind of standard for a balm, but these days what seems like the norm for some products is not always the way it is.  I was half expecting the bottom of the balm to LOOK like it could be twisted to get more product but not actually be able to.


The balm applied like a dream – the consistency is a magical happy medium between a lip oil and a balm. I really enjoyed that it wasn’t sticky at all, and had just enough of an oil feel to cancel out any waxiness that you can get from, say, a Chapstick.


Once applied, the balm produced a cooling sensation on my lips, which is the hallmark of a lip plumping product.  It was nothing intolerable at all – maybe a 1.5 on a scale of NBD to Holy-Freaking-Moly.

The color was also as I predicted – a light pink with the slightest rosy tint vs some reviews I read where the color appeared practically pastel pink.


Does Buxom’s Powerplump Lip Balm do what it claims?

PhotoGrid_1519849325673If I had to pick “yes” or “no” then I’d say no, not for me, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t continue to use it.

The balm feels great on my lips, stays there a long time, and has a nice color. I think that maybe it plumps a little bit (take a look at my top lip in the Before and After photo?!), but it’s hard to say if it’s my actual lips that is getting a boost, or the balm itself filling them in with product.


Worth it?

At the end of the day, I don’t think that a product that just tints/moisturizes your lips is worth $17, so I probably will use the rest of this tube but won’t repurchase.

I wasn’t expecting – nor do i want –  Kylie Jenner lips, because that is just unrealistic to expect from a $17 balm. Before I move on from lip plumpers, I definitely want to try GlamGlow’s Plumprageous Gloss, because the reviews seem promising. Maybe I’ll do a follow up post to this one, and review the GlamGlow when I get it!


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